Our Story

"My Petit Style frees petite women from the shackles of size constraints. We are small shoes specialists, offering high end shoes to petite and stylish women of all backgrounds. We allow petite women to define trends not follow them, to step out with confidence, and to bask in the knowledge that a mesmerising impression has been left imprinted in their trail.
We believe in excellent raw materials, state of the art technology, skilled craftsmanship and constant quality control. They are cornerstone in our mission to give petite women the self-confidence they were born to feel."

Who we are

"My Petit Style was founded in Amsterdam in 2015 exclusively for petite women. Whom exuded grace, femininity and style, but are always faced with the challenge of finding petite and stylish shoes. On a crusade, My Petit Style envisioned a world in which petite women everywhere can afford to buy stylish, distinctive, small high end shoes."


Our mission

"In a world where street style ruled the runways. In a time when fashion symbolised self–expression and allowed women to be whoever they wish to be. My Petit Style emerged to give a “voice” to the finest petit ladies out there. We give petit women a chance to set trends and break down all the size barriers. By providing our clients with stylish, distinctive, fashionable, long lasting small high end shoes, we aim to help petite women become the person they aspire to be."