Being a petite women in a “men’s world.

We have all been there.

Always being point out as the cute one when you go out with your girlfriends. Or being perceived as much younger, whether in a job interview, or by that special guy across the bar. Having to be the tough boss that can’t afford to be nice, being confused as a student when you’re teaching a class. And let’s not forget your little nephews always wanting to measure your feet next to theirs to make them feel big grown-ups. 🙂

Let’s be honest, being a women in a “men’s world” is tough enough but being a petite women in a “men’s world” is even more challenging.  Don’t get us wrong there is nothing sexier than being a petite lady but we know you want to be known for much more then only the cute one, there is much more to being a Queen “P”.

Worry not, we will give you some tips to toughen up your look.


Posture is key.


Standing as tall as you can with your shoulders back, head up and tummy not only does wonders for your posture, but also how you’re perceived.


Make them hear you.

cute girls_make them hear you

Learn how to modulate your voice in order to project confidence without aggression.

Keep your voice even and avoid those high girlish tones.


Leather UP. 

Miroslava-Duma-leather- petite fashion

Leather leggings, skirts or boots release grown up sex appeal and banish that childish image.

And of course the biker jacket we all should have in our closet.


Tough accessories. 

tough accessories_petite fashion tips


Spikes, studs, buckles. Be careful not to overdue it.


Wear masculine cuts.

olivia palermo_masculine cuts

Get masculine cut blazers, shoes or even suits or even the borrow it from your boyfriends.

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