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Long legs Illusion

Skirts, shorts , skinny and high-waisted pants are super flattering for short girls: the high-waist creates the illusion of longer legs. Show your legs by wearing short dresses, skirts or shorts, or even hot pants.  Avoid knee-length  dresses and long-skirts without heels.

A tip? Combine your outfit with a stunning pair of high heels and get a petite perfect look.

  • Choose nude shoes to blend with your skin tone or match your small shoes to your jeans or tights (nude shoes color makes your legs look longer).
  • Monochromatic Outfits: Wearing the same color from head-to-toe automatically makes a short woman look tall.
  • Forget the maxi dress taboo.YES! Use and abuse maxi dresses create the illusion of longer legs.

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Avoid being the “Cute”girl, be bold.

We are OK with being petite, that sometimes we get tired of following a taller friend with our small legs. But being confused with her little sister is Not OK.

You first need to avoid “cute” under any circumstance. Forget about girly floral prints, hair bows, too much pink… Instead go bold. Complement your look with exciting colors and statement jewelry (big earrings or necklace not both). Risk, but control how much skin you show.

Tip: leather will keep you far from cute. Wear leather skirts, leggings but of course in balance don’t want a from cute to dominatrix makeover.

 Check out our “Empower the cuteness” post for more tips.

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Heaven is made of Heels.                                                                                   

Women’s best friend. Nothing to say. Never take them off, they make you look taller and stylized so please make them part of your daily look. The higher, the better. Get used to them.

A Tip? Try shoes with heels of 8-9 cm minimum. If you are not used to them, trust in platforms.

Do´s and Dont´s.

Vertical prints & stripes, fitted dresses, slim lines are petites’ best friends.

Forbidden & Enemies: Fishermen pants, below-the-knee pants, half-calf boots. They will shorten your legs.

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