Good news petiters, as we have been saying petite is indeed the new sexy and we are not just saying that!

Petite Feet

According to a research from Albany University in the United States, men prefer to have a love relationship with women with shoe size smaller than 36.

This study was conducted by a group of physiologists which interviewed approximately 60 college students. The participants observed photographs of feminine shoes without being able to see to whom the feet belonged. The goal was to identify the feet that they though would belong to attractive women. Small feet (until size 36) were chosen 3,5 times more often than women with sizes over 36. The responsible for the study justified this preference by saying that feminine feet with smaller dimensions are associated to memories of their childhood and the development of a women with proportional face and body.

We all know what they say about men with big feet. Big feet …big shoe? 🙂 Now we know what they are saying about women with small feet. Small feet ..huge sexiness !

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