We all know good things often come in small packages.  🙂

Lucky for us the red carpet isn’t short on petite fashion stars. These sophisticated petite women manage to pack a lot of attitude, power, and appeal into their size frames. These are only some of the many petite celebrities that prove that petite is the new sexy!! From streetstyle to the runway we get inspired by how they get their petite figure in style in every occasion.

Embrace your frame and petite feet in the same beautiful way these celebrities do.


Petite Celebs 2

Petite brunette fashionistas: Olivia Palermo, Ashley Greene, Victoria Beckham and Lea Michele.



petite celebrities_maxi dress

How to rock a maxi dress red carpet style: Eva Langoria, Selena Gomez, Payden Panettiere, Rachel Bilson ,Nicole Richie.



petite celebrities_blond

Blond & Petite Glamour: Michelle Williams, Nicole Richie, Amanda Seyfried.



petite celebrities_Olsen

And of course we couldn’t miss the Petite Fashion Queens: Mary Kate Oslen & Ashley Oslen.

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